Telephone Call Blocker T-LOCK

T-Lock Version 5-blank

Tired of Answering Unwanted Phone Calls?

The T-Lock Call Blocker is an easy-to-use and affordable device featuring a 1-touch BLACKLIST operation to block unwanted incoming phone and fax calls.  This innovative device can also be programmed to block all incoming calls from entire area codes and/or prefixes.  This flexible state-of-the-art device can also block call from callers that show as PRIVATE, UNKNOWN, OUT OF AREA, etc.

It uses the latest call blocking technology available in the market to help consumers protect their landline phone lines.  How it Works?  Just plug-in and wait for unwanted calls to ring. Then press the red “BLACKLIST” button to add numbers to the  BLACKLIST.  Future calls from blocked numbers will be automatically disconnected.  Callers will hear a disconnect sound when calling. It’s that simple!


t-lock-call-blocker-box-sideA▶ Block up to 1,500 incoming phone numbers
▶ 1-touch Operation (BLACKLIST)
▶ Block entire area codes or prefixes (up to 10 sets)
▶ Block incoming calls with no Caller ID info
▶ Block 100 outgoing phone numbers, prefixes and area codes

▶ Stores/browse up to 100 (most recent) incoming call records
▶ Stores/browse up to 50 (most recent) outgoing call records
▶ Password – protected BLACKLIST (user-changeable, safety feature)
▶ Line powered – Requires no external power supplies or batteries
▶ Maintains settings & stored numbers even after disconnected from phone line
▶ 16-digit telephone number LCD display with 4 levels of brightness
▶ Works worldwide, compatible with FSK/DTMF, PSTN landlines, and VOIP services
▶ 30-day Risk Free Money-Back Warranty




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