Telephone Call Blocker T-Lock

Tired of Answering Unwanted Calls? This Telephone Call Blocker T-Lock device has the latest call blocking technology available in the market.  Featuring a 1-touch BLACKLIST operation to block unwanted incoming phone and fax calls.  This innovative device can also be programmed to block all incoming calls from entire area codes and/or prefixes.  This flexible state-of-the-art device can also block outgoing dialing of selected phone numbers, area codes and/or prefixes.  By far, this is the best all-in-one call blocking product available out there!

▶ Block up to 1,200 incoming phone numbers
▶ 1-touch Operation (BLACKLIST)
▶ Block entire area codes or prefixes (up to 10 sets)
▶ Block incoming calls with no Caller ID info
▶ Block 100 outgoing phone numbers, prefixes and area codes
▶ Stores/browse up to 100 (most recent) incoming call records
▶ Stores/browse up to 50 (most recent) outgoing call records
▶ Requires Passcode (user-changeable) to remove all numbers stored in blacklist (safety feature)
▶ Line powered – Requires no external power supplies or batteries
▶ Maintains settings & stored numbers even after disconnected from phone line
▶ 16-digit telephone number LCD display with 4 levels of brightness
▶ Works worldwide, compatible with FSK/DTMF, PSTN landlines, and VOIP services
▶ 30-day Risk Free Money-Back Warranty


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